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Restaurant Review: The Mayan Latin Cuisine

Posted by takenotedesigns on July 12, 2017

Restaurant Review: The Mayan Latin Cuisine

by: Live in Oldham County Staff
October 12, 2017
I enjoyed lunch at The Mayan Latin Cuisine, which is not to be mistaken for another run of the mill Mexican restaurant. In fact, it’s not a “Mexican Restaurant” despite some similar menu selections. Think more like chef-prepared latin meals, similar to the selections or flavors you’d find at Havana Rumba, but everything has a unique home made design you wouldn’t find elsewhere. There is a lunch menu with many affordable options including Carne Maya—pieces of steak cooked with red onion and bell pepper served with black beans. The cost for this lunch option, served in a quiet and comfortable refuge on Main Street, is just $9. We all know that going to Arby’s or the deli are at this price point now…and at The Mayan Latin Cuisine, this meal is served to you, at a table with cloth napkins and a full bar available.

As an appetizer, we chose chicken empanadas. Two large fried corn pastries were served with a creamy and slightly spicy sauce. Each was stuffed with shredded chicken, served fresh and hot. The dish was flavorful, especially when dipped in the sauce that accompanied the dish. This appetizer is large enough for a small meal! From this very first dish, we could tell our meal was more than just masses of food on a plate…items were carefully and artfully placed on beautiful real china and classy garnishes.

For lunch the staff recommended Tinga Tacos, which are explained on the menu as two tinga tacos served with avocado sauce. Black beans and rice are the traditional sides which come with the meal. These Tinga Tacos hit the spot! They are served with warm chicken in a tomato and chipotle based sauce, topped with creamy fresh white mexican cheese.

I didn’t get to enjoy the bar this particular day, but this summer I did get to indulge in a Caipirinha. This Portuguese traditional cocktail is actually the national cocktail of Brazil, and is made from the fermentation of fresh sugarcane juice that is then distilled. It is sweet, a little sour and absolutely excellent! Refreshing and so smooth it was certainly not like the 99¢ margaritas you get elsewhere in town. This drink is on the Thursday drink specials menu, along with a house margarita (which again exceeds your run of the mill expectations) and is something you need to try!

The second dish we ordered for lunch was the Carne al Carbon, aka steak and “crack” peppers. What are crack peppers? Certainly not a technical term, but after you eat them you’ll be addicted. This delicious steak is complimented by the bed of sautéed vegetables and peppers it lays upon. These suckers are sweet, a little spicy and just flat out amazing.

Many dishes at The Mayan Latin Cuisine come with plantains. Are you one of those people who aren’t quite sure about eating “mexican bananas?” Don’t be. And if you have had them elsewhere and were turned off…give them a second chance. Plantains from The Mayan Latin Cuisine are like dessert. Sweet. Warm. Wonderful. We aren’t even sure how to describe them other than “melt in your mouth.”

Next time you’re looking for a nice departure from the norm for lunch, a date night for dinner, or just something better than most of what you’re used to in LaGrange, don’t forget about Main Street. The Mayan Latin Cuisine is a gem we don’t want to lose and is going to attract visitors from around Louisville Metro. We’re lucky to have this quality of cuisine here, right on Historic Main Street. Let’s show them a warm welcome as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary on October 12th at 5:00pm! Live entertainment, drink specials and 30% off food!

Wondering if The Mayan is kid-friendly? Although this restaurant isn’t an Applebees type of environment, and is somewhat quiet, the owners are family people and are wonderful at catering to your little humans! They welcome guests of all ages and will make you feel like a part of their family!

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