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Centerfield Elementary School

Centerfield educates the whole child by providing a risk-free environment in which children have the opportunity to explore, experience, communicate, and become life-long learners. Centerfield has been awarded the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Located in Crestwood off of South Highway 393.

Julie Scott, Principal
4512 South Highway 393, Crestwood, Kentucky 40014
Phone: 502-241-1772

V I S I T  W E B S I T E

Interactive Technology

Centerfield features a full range of research and instructional tools that meet state and national standards. All classrooms have computers with Internet access and printers. All classrooms are equipped with the Dell intelligent classroom systems. We are connected to the local, Wide Area Network and the Internet. The Library Media Center is fully automated and includes a computer lab and resource lab.

There are 3 fully loaded ipad carts shared between grade levels, with an additonal 50 ipod touches that are available for checkout. Fourth and Fifth grade students are able to bring their own devices, along with a First grade classroom that has special parent permission.

Set up for Success

Please know we are committed to reducing any barriers that may prevent your child from being successful at school. If your family has a need that is impacting your child’s learning, please contact our Guidance Counselor, Christy Weaver, and/or our Homeless Coordinator, Dorothy Roberts. Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. Roberts coordinate assistance for Centerfield families who have financial concerns, mental health based concerns, or other concerns directly impacting your child.

School & Teacher Awards

National School of Excellence; Kentucky Blue Ribbon School; National Economic DEEP (Developmental Economic Education Program) Award.



Crestwood, KY

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