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Oldham County Middle School

Oldham County Middle School’s staff goal is to motivate students by whatever means necessary to improve student learning. We expect the same effort from our students. Recognized in 2002 by Kentucky Department of Education as a “Four-Time Reward School” for being 1 of only 5 middle schools in the state that have qualified for school rewards in each accountability cycle since 1992. Located in Buckner.

Chris Kraft, Principal
4305 Brown Blvd., Buckner, Kentucky 40010
Phone: 502-222-1451 

V I S I T  W E B S I T E

Learning Community

As a school community we are using our beautiful new physical space as the catalyst to re-invest in our students and to re-commit to those things we know to be important characteristics and traits of a learning community.
Service, Perseverance, Individuality, Encouragement, Character, Problem-Solving, Understanding, and Innovation frame all that we do and provide the building blocks for success as a staff and school. Please join us in our un-wavering commitment to student success in the classroom and in our community.
We hope that you enjoy your visit.

Who We Are…

We are a community diverse in race, religion, social status and need and unique in our own way. We are the future. We are full of potential that waits to be unlocked. We embrace challenges and bring to bear a unique blend of knowledge, creativity, hard work and 21st century skills. We seek to be enduring learners, problem-solvers and critical thinkers who will leave a positive imprint on our world.

Extracurricular Activities

Oldham County Middle School offers a wide variety of activities for its students not only through classes, but also through extracurricular activities. Some of these include intramural/interscholastic basketball, football, track, cross country, and Beta Club. Students may also explore a wide variety of interests through classes like the yearbook, chorus, and the dance team.




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