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What are the local fire departments?

Below are a list of the local fire departments:
LaGrange Fire & Rescue
North Oldham Fire Department
South Oldham Fire Department
Harrods Creek Fire & Rescue
Pewee Valley Fire Protection District
Worthington Fire & Rescue
Ballardsville Fire & Rescue 

Where it the closest hospital?

The only hospital in Oldham County is Baptist Health LaGrange.

Where does Oldham County rank in terms of student and school achievement?

Oldham County is the highest-ranking County district in Kentucky in the 2012 K-PREP Test Scores.  The Oldham County School District was ranked in the top 4% of districts throughout the state, which places the Oldham County schools in the Distinguished category.  All of our schools are fully accredited by the Southern Association of College & Schools, which is a high-standard both in the State and Nationally.

Where do I register to vote?

To be eligible to vote in Oldham County, you must be registered. To register you must be a US citizen; a KY resident for at least 28 days; 18 years old by the date of the next general election; mentally competent; not a convicted felon; and may not claim the right to vote anywhere else outside of Kentucky. Oldham County citizens may register in person or by mail. For more information regarding the voting requirements please go to the Oldham County Fiscal Court website.

Where do I register my car/truck/motorcycle?

Residents of Kentucky are required to register and pay a personal property tax on motor vehicles. New residents have 15 days to register their vehicle. For more information on State requirements, call the Oldham County Clerk at 502-222-9311.

Do I have to license my dog?

All dogs over 4 months old must be licensed annually and vaccinated against rabies. You may go to any Oldham County Veterinarian Clinic or if you bring proof of the rabies vaccination than the Oldham County Animal Control Shelter will issue you a dog license. Dog licenses cost $5.00 for spayed/neutered animals and $10.00 for fertile animals. To obtain a license from Oldham County Animal Control please call their office from 9:00 – 4:00, Monday – Friday. 502-222-7387

What is the Oldham County Central Dispatch?

1020 Dispatcher’s Way, LaGrange, KY 40031, 502.222.0111

Oldham County Dispatch, or OCD as it is commonly referred to, is a centralized dispatch center that consolidates communications and 911 for the Oldham County, LaGrange, and Pewee Valley Police Departments, Oldham County Sheriff’s Office, Oldham County EMS, and all Oldham County Fire Departments. OCD is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In an emergency, the first notification is made to OCD by dialing 911. Dispatchers must quickly but thoroughly obtain all pertinent information from the caller and then dispatch the appropriate first responders. Dispatchers are responsible for obtaining, documenting, disseminating and tracking the activities and information for all police, fire and EMS departments in Oldham County.

How do I enroll my children in the county schools?

Newcomers to the county should call 502-241-3500, between 8:00 – 4:30, to find out which schools serve their home address. To enroll a student, the following is needed: Current address Certified copy of the student’s birth certificate Student’s Social Security number School records such as report card, achievement test results, class schedule, this will aid in the student placement until the official records are received. Health documents—Students new to the District must present evidence of a physical examination (recorded on the Kentucky form) and up-to-date immunizations. The medical form will be provided by the doctor’s office, and the student has 30 days to comply with the requirements. Newcomers to the District may call the Health Dept. at 222-3516 to convert out of state immunization certificates to the required Kentucky certificate. For more information regarding the services provided for new families please contact Pupil Personnel. Visit online.


The Oldham County Recycling Center is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 4:30. There are labeled bins outside the facility for convenient after hours drop off. We accept paper, plastics, glass, and metal. For a complete list of what we accept and don’t accept please contact the department of Solid Waste Management. 502-565-1007 or visit online.


All new comers to the County should use the following procedure to obtain trash collection. If you live in a City. Check with the Mayors Office about any Franchised trash collection that is in force. If you live in a subdivision that has a “Home Owners” association, check with them to see if they have a Franchised collector. If none of the above apply, you will need to call the permitted hauler for Oldham County.


TWC –1 (800) 892-4357


LGE – 502-589-1444 (Serves the area West of Buckner)
KU – 1-800-981-0600 (Serves Eastern Oldham County and LaGrange)


Oldham County Water District – 502-222-1690 (Provides water to most of Oldham County)
LaGrange Utilities Commission – 502-222-9325 (Provides water & sewer to LaGrange)
Louisville Water Company – 502-583-6610 ( Provides water to Prospect, Goshen, and Crestwood areas)


Oldham County Sewer District – 502-225-9477 (Provides sewers to Buckner, Goshen, Prospect, and other areas)
LaGrange Utilities Commission – 502-222-9325 (Provides sewers to LaGrange)
MSD – 502-540-6000 (Provides sewers to Crestwood)


Bellsouth – 502-557-7777

Health Department


Public Transit


Poison Control



Oldham Era – 502-222-7183
RoundAbout LaGrange – 812-273-2259
RoundAbout Madison – 812-273-2259

Kentucky State Police


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