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Goshen Elementary School

Goshen Elementary School has twice been recognized as a National School of Excellence. The faculty and staff take great pride in providing comprehensive and meaningful learning experiences for the children of the school community, while following guidelines established by the Kentucky Department of Education. Located in rural Oldham County, just outside Louisville, Kentucky. It is part of the North Oldham Campus which encompasses Goshen Elementary at Hillcrest, Harmony Elementary, Liberty Elementary, North Oldham Middle School and North Oldham High School.

Lisa Peters, Principal
12518 Ridgemoor Drive, Prospect, Kentucky 40059
Phone: 502-228-0101

V I S I T  W E B S I T E

Interactive Technology

Computers in all classrooms, computer lab and administrative offices are part of a wide area network and feature a full range of research and instructional tools that meet state and national standards. Classrooms, computer lab and media center are outfitted with Dell Intelligent Classroom technology that includes interactive whiteboard or school pad, multimedia projector, document camera, and teacher microphone, amplifier and speakers. Teachers and students also have access to a student response system. Staff and students communicate with other people, schools, and businesses across the county and around the world via E-mail and the Internet. Students are also able to access a full complement of research tools, including electronic encyclopedias and a variety of magazine indexes via the Kentucky Virtual Library. Additionally, students are able to use several word processing, spreadsheet and publishing programs, as well as a variety of other software programs. The Library Media Center is fully automated for catalog, circulation and inventory. Video cameras, digital cameras, scanners, and other peripherals are available for use by students and staff.

Special Programs

Services for Gifted/Talented – Fourth and Fifth grade students are formally identified in music, art, dance, drama, leadership, creative/divergent thinking, general intellectual ability, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics. Primary teachers meet the needs of young students by using flexible grouping strategies, enrichment, and individualized instruction.

Extra Curricular Activities

Academic Team, Basketball, Chorus, Climbing Club, Cross Country, Gator Government, Gymnastics Expressions, Lacrosse, Technology Club, Golf, Yearbook, Art, and Drama

School & Teacher Awards

National School of Excellence/U.S. Dept. of Education 1995 & 2000; National PTA Parental Involvement School of Excellence Award; Kentucky Flags of Excellence; PACESETTER School/Ky. Dept. of Education 1997-1998 & 2001-2002; Kentucky ‘Apple’ Winner, 2001; Six National Board Certified Teachers; Kentucky Physical Education Teacher of the Year, 2002; Kentucky Counselor of the Year, 2001.




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