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Oldham County Preschool

The Oldham County Preschool program began in the fall of 1991 and combines Head Start and Kentucky Preschool. There are ten classrooms with degreed teachers, classroom aides, a nurse, a Leadership Team consisting of experts in the areas of education, special education, social services, family involvement, mental health, office management and program direction. Special areas staff, including occupational and physical therapists are available to address identified needs of enrolled children. Located just off of Highway 146 north of the I-71 exit in Buckner, adjacent to the Buckner Elementary School and Oldham County Middle School and on the same campus as Oldham County High School.

Jessica Kasten, Principal
4309 Brown Blvd. LaGrange, KY 40031
Phone: 502-222-3700

V I S I T  W E B S I T E

Preschool Hours

Oldham County Preschool follows the Oldham County School District’s calendar and is in session Monday – Thursday. The morning session begins at 7:30 and ends at 10:30. The afternoon session begins at 11:15 and ends at 2:15. Children do not attend school on Fridays. Preschool staff complete home visits, conferences, trainings, and student planning on Fridays.

School Hours:

  • AM Session 7:30-10:30
  • PM Session 11:15-2:15

Office Hours:

  • School days:  7:30-3:00
  • Non-school days:  8:30-3:00


Breakfast is served in the morning session and lunch is served in the afternoon session. Mealtime is an important part of the learning process; providing students with opportunities to develop appropriate mealtime manners, conversation skills as well as to broaden the students’ food preferences. Meals are served family style with the classroom staff. Please be sure to share any food allergy information with your child’s teacher. Payment can be made weekly or monthly. Checks should be written to Oldham County Preschool. If you pay in cash, please place the money in a sealed envelope and put your child’s name on the outside.

Preschool Classrooms

Oldham County Preschool currently has ten classrooms. Each preschool classroom is assigned a Certified Lead Teacher and Classroom Aide. Some preschool classrooms may have two Classroom Aides to meet the needs of the children assigned to that classroom.




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