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Oldham County Fun Fact 11

Posted by liveinoldhamcounty on November 23, 2015
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Oldham County Fun Fact 11 :

OLDHAM COUNTY is the richest county in KENTUCKY
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Did you know this Oldham County Fun Fact?
> County median household income: $83,391
> State median household income: $43,036
> Pct. households in county making $200,000 or more: 10.4%
> 2013 county unemployment rate: 6.5%

Kentucky had an annual median household income of $43,036 over the five years through 2013, one of the lowest incomes compared to other states. Households in Oldham County, the state’s richest county, earned far more than that, with an annual median income of $83,391 over that period. In addition, more than one in 10 county households earned at least $200,000 a year, one of the highest rates even among other wealthiest counties. The median income among Oldham households was also roughly four times higher than the comparable figure in McCreary, Kentucky’s poorest county — one of the largest income gaps reviewed.

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