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Oldham County Fun Fact 8

Posted by liveinoldhamcounty on November 16, 2015
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Oldham County Fun Fact 8: Train on Main

This Oldham County Fun Fact 8 has to do with the Trains that run directly through Main Street in LaGrange, Kentucky! Here is a really neat, historical photo of the famous train that runs down main street in LaGrange, Kentucky. During a 24 hour period, there are on average, 30 trains that run directly through the center of town on Main Street.
The Louisville and Frankfort Railroad Company introduced rail lines in the area in the 1850s. This forced many new towns and communities to spring up. Eventually the railroad ceased operating as a form of public transportation, but trains still rumble along Main Street through the downtown area daily. The interurban railway played a major part in transportation and the growth of the county as well as the railroad. A working model of the interurban exists in the museum for visitors to enjoy.

Here is a video of the train running directly through Main Street!

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